Fighting - Jesus Army Life, Day 260

There's a battle on and we're determined to win. With so many new ones longing to find the life of Jesus we can't give in to sickness or tiredness and we can't afford to lose heart. Some are rushing to the frontline strength of covenant to join the work. Some are being tended to in love, their spirits sapped by affliction. But we are of the tribe of the Holy Spirit and we do not give in! We stand together. We declare the victory of Jesus over the darkness. We unite in his love, his power, his sacrifice and work to rescue friends caught in the bondage of this world. We're facing down the enemy. We're moving in faith. Sickness banished, sin cleansed by his blood. Freed to know the eternal blessing of our Father God. Brothers united, new recruits entering the Kingdom. Jesus reigning in our hearts. His glory is all! And it's working...

This weekend we celebrate the victory of our God at Alive weekend. It's important stuff and boy, do we need to be receiving from God at this time. Pray for us.