Editing life - Jesus Army Life, Day 261

Hurray, hurray! I had six hours non stop sleep, first time in weeks! Boy am I grateful. I've been playing Hillsongs songs all day just to celebrate - that's how grateful I am. (usually I can't stand more than 5 minutes of the stuff.)

Did I mention Zion-speak the other day? Hmmm, feels like one of those subjects you can feel cooking up inside you until you just have to blog all over the place about it. For now I'll just settle with a quote from an email I sent to someone who complained that I'd edited their work too enthusiastically.
If you can write a politically correct, grammatically correct, clear, concise,
unabbreviated, non waffly, non insulting, non parochial, non boring, non Zion-speak, uncliched, unrepetitive, well structured, dynamic report I won't need to change a thing.

Now just to get the rest of this life sorted out, then I'll be happy...