Cheating today - Jesus Army Life, Day 253

I'd like to write something sensible but I'm dog tired and it probably won't come out straight.

So instead - I'm going to cheat and put up the report our household leader wrote for our church bulletin today. (I'm always asking others if they want to contribute anyway...)

WHITE STONE, COVENTRY: “Jesus baptises us in the Holy Spirit” is the word at the moment and we’re seeking to allow opportunities for our young crew to experience this on Thursday nights. But not just the young – 'MP' (in her eighties) spoke in tongues for the first time last Tuesday – it was beautiful.

'A's settling into covenant – it’s wonderful to see God soaking deeper into her heart. Meanwhile, 'D's about to dive in to covenant. So it’s all ‘go’ on the covenant front (be patient, 'H', your time will come!) There’s a real sense around that White Stone saints like being White Stone saints!

Obviously in the actual article the names are printed fully. But I thought I'd stick to tradition. I wonder how much "Zion-speak" you can pick out.