Bored - Jesus Army Life, Day 251

It's been a good weekend. I think I enjoyed the Saturday evening meeting most of all. We spoke prophetic words over those who had recently been baptised. Last week, one of the three had been knocked to the ground and kicked simply for wearing his cross. He seems to have taken it in his stride. Interestingly the Sunday morning sermon was about persecution. We prophecied lots in that Sunday morning meeting too: lots of stuff about the need to engage with God and not be lazy about His glory.

Funnily enough, on the Saturday night I had hoped to go to a friend's party but lack of proper sleep lately had totally wiped me out.

One of the things which has challenged me lately is the question of how community life can be more engaging for teenagers. Yesterday, I took three lads off to skim stones and walk along the wind swept shore of Draycote Water about 10 miles away from White Stone. It helped them expend some of their energy. The trouble is that at that age they so quickly decide that they are bored instead of seeking ways to pace themselves through the day. There is always something to do or someone to talk to in community, but at their age I wouldn't expect them to see that. It falls down to the adults to involve them in what they are doing or to do something with them - but often the teenagers will find those things boring too.

I find myself thinking that for both the teenagers and the adults it comes down to a choice to love, and to give themselves into the work of loving others. Love is many things, but it is never boring.