Already lost - Jesus Army Life, Day 58

Over 30 people here for dinner last night, including a couple of guys we'd met on the campaign. Thankfully, the house wasn't over run. Either we or the teenagers are learning to cope with all the excitement.

It was a good evening. After a short talk and a song for grace I spent most of the time with a Tanzanian man we'd met. Together we ate and chatted about nothing in particular, he offered to help with the washing up and then wiped down the surfaces and then swept the floors. We went out to watch the bonfire the teenagers had created. He told me he wished he'd known about this place when he'd first arrived in Coventry. He spoke of the relief he felt as we all worshipped together. I think it was the family atmosphere he was most appreciative of, though I know he's been looking for a way back to God.

Today he texted me apologetically. He'd been offered a job in London. It's great news for him, he really needs the work. But for me, it was disappointing to be separated from a new friend so quickly.

Tonight I went to the prayer meeting. A refreshing time in itself, but one of my prayers was for my new friend, that somehow he'd end up working closer to home.