Friendships for heaven - Jesus Army Life, Day 57

Last night was a bit of a non eventful.

I'd planned to go out to meet a Turkish guy with a friend who speaks the language but the friend had called to cancel. Plan B was to catch up with some other people I know, but one by one each prospect fell through.

I ended up in the prayer-shed mulling over with God some issues facing one of our young disciples and remembering how much of an attractive harlot the world really is.

I did however receive a phone call from a man I met during our campaign. We're going to meet tonight. He's a very decent guy with a very sad tale to tell. I'm hoping he sees the beauty of the Kingdom of God and falls in love with it, but hope is nothing without faith. So I'm trusting myself to the Spirit's work with faith and love. It's good to build friendships for heaven.

Some progress on yesterday's issue but nothing substantial yet.