Fishers of men - Jesus Army Life, Day 51

We've had a good campaign so far. Most importantly we have made a lot of new friends, people I know I'll see around town and stop to talk to and some who will want to come along to church.

Campaign fatigue has set in though. I guess that is part of the battle. You won't know that talking to people all day is tiring until you try it! Still, we've had some successful marches, public singing and prayer times without an ounce of hassle from the authorities.

I could tell you some heart rendering stories, such as that of the man who gave up his job and survived on benefits to look after his sick wife and when she died he found himself evicted from his home or that of a young man who hasn't worked for two years after being involved in a car accident. Real lives, real challenges, may there also be some real results.

It's been good getting to know more of the goths and chavs. Many hearts of gold with twice as thick skin.

The team effort has been excellent. Strong faith has helped us this far. Continuous faith is necessary to see God move in many of these people's lives.