'Regionals' - Jesus Army Life, Day 55

Last night we had a regional leaders meeting. Not boring! Well, church governance might be for others but for me it's great stuff. Picture of me in the absence of anything better...Someone pointed out recently that the reason I like this governance type thing is because I'm a bloke. I get my kick out of being involved in decision making. The woman who related this to me suggested that it's not the same for the female variety, which I don't really understand, but if anyone can explain it to me then that will be fine.

What did we talk about? Families in the church, authority, other ongoing stuff.

The families bit was interesting because we looked at how families are the normal units of committed relationship, but because as a church we are strong on committed relationships that can subvert the family unit. It can also add a lot of support for the family in the absence of the nearby extended family today, but with the negative aspect in mind we want to begin thinking about how we can encourage families more.

The authority stuff was useful too. We focused on how people who are happy to submit to authority can often be problematic at a later stage because they usually submit out of their own strength and sense of virtue whereas a Christian needs to submit to authority out of love for God. I think a lot of the leaders recognised themselves in this. It was quite a touching time.