Easing into Sunday morning - Jesus Army Life Day 67

Well, here I am sitting here eating a plate of breakfast beans, wondering what the day's going to hold. I've prayed already (I could hardly not, considering I led a meeting on prayer last night). Here at the community house there are a few people up and about. A couple have gone down to volunteer at the Jesus Centre Drop-In, another is just leaving on his bicycle now, he has to set up the sound equipment for the morning church meeting. I've only had one chat so far this morning, with a 'domestic sister' about how her work is going, she had got up to have a 'shepherding breakfast' with a church elder, just to talk about the challenges she's facing, I think the elder in question may have overslept. Oh, hang on, I can hear his voice now...

I'm waiting for the three young lads we've got staying this weekend to get up. There's bound to be some chaos once they do. And I'm teasing myself with the question: Do I get them up early in an attempt to avoid the madness: 'late for church', 'need the bathroom', 'don't feel like going to worship...' etc. or do I let them learn from their mistakes (do they ever?) I'll probably compromise and give them an hour to get ready.

I'm expecting to advertise the multicultural group this morning. I'm not sure what else to expect from the day... a sense of God's spirit this morning, a brotherhood time this afternoon, evangelism in the evening. Whatever happens I want to be ready, within me my spirit feels up for it and I want to be walking with God throughout today... after all I'm a soldier in the modern Jesus army.