Helping in a crisis - Jesus Army Life, Day 56

A friend of mine is in touch with someone who has been treated in the worst possible way by her ex. My friend is very stressed about it and the woman is most likely living in fear for her life. Of course the police need to be involved, however, it's not always easy persuading a victim of crime to take that route. In this case we don't know the people involved but we trying to help. I can't go into details.

As a bystander the worst feeling about this kind of situation is the powerlessness to help. You want to intervene, but you cannot, not without permission. You can give information, you can counsel and support but without taking direct action what more can you do? I wonder how many times I have to be a bystander in this kind of situation before I take a different perspective? This isn't the first time I've been privy to another's suffering.

The only suitable response is to lay your life down for the person in need.

It's worth knowing the police don't need a victim's cooperation to prosecute if there's enough evidence. And I've heard that sometimes the police will receive useful information from victims but respect a wish not to press charges simply because the information alone alerts the police to a dangerous individual. But I'm not sure about this last point.

Is prayer any use? Yes, though the effect is unknown. I've been praying for breakthrough in this situation.