God at work - Jesus Army Life, 78

Boy, life is moving fast! I've been preparing videos for an event in Sheffield, coming up this Saturday. We were asked to put together four pieces with about two week's notice so things have been pretty manic.

At White Stone we've been praying and fasting in various ways over the last month. The focus has been making disciples. So last Sunday it was good to baptise three Christians from very different backgrounds and there are a few more baptisms to come too. God is at work. There have also been some difficulties for a few much-loved disciples. If you imagine you know who I'm talking about, chances are there are several others who you hadn't realised were struggling too... But I think the Spirit of God is at work here as well. God recently helped us to understand that we have to protect our relationships and make sure they are strong. Strong friendships help the weak feel secure. It is a command we dare not ignore. We are a family together, and seeing friends among us struggling effects everyone. As a result prayer has become more urgent, we feel more bonded, and spiritual life ripples out to those on the fringes.

So we are seeing breakthrough in all sorts of ways. I can't go in to detail, there is too much to say, but I am conscious that God's blessing is with us. For all the difficulties we are knowing the beauty of life together and rejoicing that we can know such life.