Appreciative - Jesus Army Life, Day 132

Life is full of changes. Events keep taking place. You catch up with people you realise you should never have lost touch with. Thank goodness for those friends who stick with you for the long haul. Those who are committed to you in all the ins and outs of life. When you have friends like that you feel like the richest of kings - or at least I do.

In our church we make a big thing of covenant. And rightly so. Jesus didn't establish a 'new covenant' with God's people for nothing, it was done through his blood and it should mean everything to us. That covenant joins us together, it is a promise to never betray, but to always build with each other. At White Stone I can think of three people who are thinking of making a deliberate covenant in the by and by. I am very grateful. Their commitment, sacrifice and consecration will mean that more souls can be saved, more people truly loved, more people come to know Jesus and build the beauty of his church. It is a good thing.

Of course Jesus' covenant has to be worked out in the immediate context. It is the focused, local vision that galvanises a household of God into action. Our commitment together is a force to be reckoned with, it celebrates the love, purity, power and wisdom of Jesus as he works his Spirit in us. And it is this empowering that means we can spend time discipling younger ones, break bread together, commit ourselves to greater works, spend time in the company of one another's hearts, welcome the many with chaotic lives who know their need of Jesus. Jesus Army there is so much more for us to do...

Sorry, I haven't written lately - but, rest assured, that is what we've spent the last few days doing. And we need more labourers in the field.