Good friends - Jesus Army Life, Day 118

The other night the brothers' cell group was invaded by a couple of new faces. They just er... weren't brothers. (Okay so we forgot the twiglets and had the cheek to ask a sister, thankfully a good friend, to bring some over). Still, it was a good laugh and the guests joined us for a short while.

Wednesday night groups can be very relaxing times of just coming out of yourself. We asked the question: "What do you need to achive in your life that you would always regret not doing?" Some excellent heart sharing followed.

One of the things that I love about living in community is that I'm spending my life with people I admire, respect and love. Some of them were fellow students at Uni, some of them I got to know after. It is nothing short of a dream to think that these are people I'll be good friends with for the rest of my life. And beyond.

There is a quote which has become something of an urban myth among us...

Sitting with his church at their regular Tuesday night meal, with friends among whom he'd known great times and miseries, the man told his companions: "I'd rather be here with you than with the finest people on earth."

That's kinda how it feels.