Significance - Jesus Army Life, Day 114

It's been an interesting weekend: parties, meetings, meals with friends, spiritual times, significant times, family times, community times.

I feel very thankful for the brotherhood of love there is around me. I needed holding together a bit last night after leading what felt like a difficult gospel meeting. I was really just too tired. A good friend gave me a hug and helped reassure me. Another friend told me this morning how effective they felt the meeting had been. It's curious how we can perceive things differently.

But I was praying this morning, musing over my fast-paced lifestyle and wondering how I could serve God by being less tired. I live fast because I'm not confident in the friendship of those around me.

I have always been conscious to assert my own identity, independent of others. There are reasons for that which are too boring to go into. But I want to relax in the company and love of my friends and find confidence in that...

Hmm, this is too difficult to get my head round right now, but I'm sure you understand. If you know what I mean, leave us a comment. As usual I need the security of thinking an idea through before I embrace it.