Speaking faith into dreams - Jesus Army Life, Day 134

"Why do you always do this to me?" she asked as I asked her to lead us in another old song she'd never played before. When God made me he ticked 'no' on the musical brain option, but I like to think my lack of music sus brings a raw edge to our worship experience... At least that's how I comfort myself when we fall about laughing at another musical blunder in the church times I lead.

This multitalented friend of mine quickly found the chords and we were soon singing and bopping away to another chorus. The theme of the evening had been 'church' and while it might not have scored too highly on profound thought we discovered an emphasis on 'family'. And the consciousness of God's life among us grew, even if it was with a note of hilarity.

At the endof the meeting, most of us drove over to another community house to celebrate the 50th birthday of a well respected saint. The room was packed full of friends and, as the community leader pointed out, most of them hadn't been around before she had come; in other words there were many who were there just to celebrate her place among us. It seemed like a suitable way to honour someone who has worked hard and set an example to us all in speaking faith into our dreams.

It's because of people like her that I continue my dream of gathering a people for God. Something which, by my own ability, I could not achieve.