Best deserts - Jesus Army Life, Day 121

At the end of an eventful weekend I was sitting in the kitchen with some of the other guys forstalling the inevitable retreat to bed. We were chatting about various curiosities such as the days of egg collection at some of the farm-community houses, and the dozy hens we used to keep. "Silly hour" was kicking in with full force.

We danced over a range of topics: the coming week, a resident member feeling poorly, the chickens. Earlier in the day we'd shared baked alaska with the parents of a student friend who had stopped for the night in their camper van outside our house. It was good to make new friends and the delicious desert was a belated birthday treat for me. One sister commented that the first thing she knew about the dinner guests was coming downstairs in the morning and finding two strangers eating breakfast in our kitchen. It's certainly good to be able to share life with such activity and spontanaity. "That," she resigned, "is one of the things about living in community."