Knock yourself out trust - Jesus Army Life, Day 122

I've been thinking about building trust (See 'Significance' below) and I haven't worked out much yet.

Trust is the basis of any friendship, you can't create it through a pumped up meeting, you can't have set trust-building times. Trust is what happens when you're not doing anything much.

Trust grows because you are there, in the right place at the right time.

If being there when you're needed produces trust then it means wanting to be around enough to put aside any other agenda. It means sacrificing your time. For me that means not hiding from the love of others through being overly-busy.

I need to deliberately choose to be with those I love rather than be off doing something else. Even if it does seem boring, scary, unemotional, knock-yourself-out, mind-numbingly pedestrian (at first...), achieving the beauty of friendship with those you're not naturally drawn to (but love anyway) is worth it. And God will bless it.