Collected thoughts - Jesus Army Life, Day 151

Thoughts from last nights community meeting...

  • Community is a living organism not an institution. It needs to thrive, grow, reproduce and diversify. We exist for the glory of God and to love others.

  • Community means that our choices are in the hands of others. When difficult times come up we might be limited in what we can do, but it is right to stay in submission rather than take back our right to our own lives. Jesus said if we gain our life we will lose it, but if we lose our life for his sake we will gain it.

  • Revival has not come, the blessing of a renewed Christianity heralded by the Festival of Light in the 1970s has not taken force. The church in the UK is largely ignored (except for stories about gay priests). We need a movement that cannot be ignored, where Christians take sharing together seriously and find God's blessing opening the way to the saving of many souls.

  • Obedience leads to blessing.

  • In community we don't hide from each other. We speak the truth to each other. Acceptance must not negate the tough love of telling someone when they've made a bad choice.

  • Community is difficult. But our best times are when we see God working in amazing ways in friends' lives. Those are the times we live for, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Feel free to add your thoughts...