Prophetic sculpture - Jesus Army Life, Day 142

We're thinking about prophetic words we've received lately. Last night we made two sculptures to remind us about them for perpetuity (or as long as the double sided sticky tape lasts out).

This one is about God shaking our tree. The bad fruit falls to the ground but the good fruit remains. We've known some shaking lately.

This one is about our worship forming a character in which we can receive God's anointing. God's special anointing for us is the work of "taking the land." Our character of worship and the dynamic of taking the land rely upon each other.

And this isn't intended to be a prophetic word but a 'welcome home' to a much loved house-family member who has been visiting his parents for a month in Australia.

I hesitate to say what we score for artistic ability, but full marks for love and inspiration.