Da Sisterhood - Jesus Army Life, Day 138

Yesterday I'd printed off a music manuscript by Rebecca St James from worshiptogether.com. The website issues a new worship song each week and I've been trying to find a way to bless the household through this new gadgetry. But this is a truly complex matter. I've already written about my low level of musical intellect. I'm sure many would have advised to give up while the going's good. Eager as a beaver however I've been trying to learn the tunes myself. I can read music but it is a frustratingly slow process.

So, I tried to introduce the song to our most accomplished piano player in the hope that she would pick it up and get inspired. It was mad. Musically excellent she may be, but she's also brilliant enough to take on about twenty tasks at the same time... and she's never learnt to read music. Pia-pia-piano...So there I was painstakingly trying to teach her a tune she'd never heard before and she was hopping from the piano, to some artwork, to playing the mandolin, to making some drinks, to jamming with my saxophone. Arrrgggghhhhh!! Finally, I suggested I sing the song so she could once and for all learn how it goes. Big mistake... HUGE. Suddenly I was the object of teasing and cajoling from the other two older women in the room. Oh, it was a nightmare.

Why, oh why did I not concentrate more on those piano lessons when I was young?

I'm sure there are obvious lessons to learn from the above, which, when I've finished reeling I'll get to grips with, but for now the only lesson is (and it's been said before and it'll be said again....) Don't mess with the sisterhood!