Staying close to reality - Jesus Army Life, Day 161

Life is beautiful, sometimes.

I feel like I haven't really seen community the last few days. It's all been a bit busy, and I've missed a few opportunities to reconnect my spirit with its Source.

It was good today then to pray with my friend first thing before we started work. We try to pray together each morning to help us keep a heavenly perspective on our working lives.

The best thing recently I guess was dinner together on Wednesday. It was a small crowd but good humoured and a few laughs as well. I'm not sure what it is but there's something about meeting with other people in a relaxed way that can just re-energise a soul.

This afternoon I'm going to pick up my Dad who's coming to stay for the Christmas weekend. Not that we actually celebrate Christmas. Our church has taken a stand against celebrating special days. It's part of our flavour of rejecting the world and aspiring to a "Your Kingdom come on earth" lifestyle. Still, it should be an excellent few days together, we have a few plans as a community and it'll be good to spend some time with my Dad.

Stay radical won't you.