God at work - Jesus Army Life, Day 140

Yesterday, I discovered SuDoko!

And now onto more spiritual matters...

The teenagers were around in force yesterday. During the grace time before the meal we were asked to pray for each other. The group I was with were in rebellious mode. Three of the them would have made an effort but the other one (who had recently been pressing into finding faith) decided that he didn't want to play ball. Frustratingly, most of them did not feel ready to pray for blessing in their lives, so I asked instead about the complaints they had with God. These were more easily volunteered. We joined hands in the middle and I spoke for all of us. I told God how we had problems with him and that we needed him to answer our questions or we couldn't believe in him. Simple as that.

And when it comes down to it, it is that simple; no matter how we like to dress it up. We reach out in faith and we have no other resource until God shows up. We can only pray and not give up.

But God did show up. Two of the goths went into another room. Touched by the moment? I'm cynical enough to think not. But I felt I should pray again for one of the others left behind and as I did so I believe God showed me a secret that person had. I started to tell them about it and as soon as I did so they ran out of the room. Of course, that kind of stuff is spooky enough, but I caught up with the person later and we talked a bit more. I could only tell them that it showed God was interested in them and that if they wanted to take this further they should talk to someone they respected about it.

For that reason alone it was a good evening. Though I do wish we had more adults around. That said, credit is due to a friend of mine who now deliberately comes round on Thursdays to help out, even though he finds the teenagers difficult. That kind of sacrfice will be the making of him.

However, staying up till 2.15am to finish a 'Difficult' Su Doko puzzle will definitely be the undoing of me.