Spiritual karoke - Jesus Army Life, Day 143

It's good to have our 'brother' back from Australia. He brings a special quality of life to the household which I appreciate. We have a wonderful family staying for a few days too. The husband, wife and child are all long term members of White Stone. They are currently 'trying out community' for a few days at a time.

Worship continues to be an important theme to us. Not only in our meetings, but in all our moments, gathered together or apart. Both of these men are very down to earth types, who love brotherhood and they are great musicians. They bring a lot of inspiration when they 'psalm'.

Psalming, at least in charismatic circles, means singing out whatever comes to your heart. It is the spontaneous expression of a spiritual song to God and it carries weight. In our morning worship yesterday I psalmed out in front of the congregation of 250. I had to, I needed to deliberately praise my God. One of these brothers commented positively on it afterwards. He was encouraging and said that it helped "bring the anointing." The great thing about psalming is that, because people express their inner soul, it is will always carry some power, no matter how bad you sound. A kind of spiritual karaoke.

I'm discovering that it is important to work hard at finding God sometimes. If you think about the Psalms of the Bible they are full of lyrics saying "I will" do this, "I will" do that in order to praise God. My own walk with God has recently been one of deliberately giving up 'small' sins in order to choose him. The following isn't a psalm, but just something that came out of my time with God in the early hours of this morning:

I spoke to my friend this morning.
We discussed how I had to die,
And how he had to burn me up in fire.
He's a dangerous friend.