Building together - Jesus Army Life, Day 248

You can't help but love life really. Yesterday I felt very down, but I'd picked up by the evening (about as soon as I'd finished work - lol). We worshipped together last night, which was great and it was fantastic to hear the younger guys spontaneously singing later on that night. It wasn't surprising though - they'd just had a session on the Holy Spirit. All the same I'm glad - there's some real discovery of God going on among some unchurched youth.

It's going to be important to get these guys really bonding strongly together and supporting each other in their faith in Jesus. It takes time, but we'll see what God can do. It's their church, and they'll be the guys who'll make it happen.

Tonight I'm deliberately resting. I'm gonna have to avoid the guilt feelings of not doing more, but I've reached a point where if I don't stop something is likely to blow.