The wonder of life - Jesus Army Life, Day 237

When your own life is attached to so many others, it's beautiful. And truly, it's subject to the winds and storms of many other friends' lives. And yet you can stand as a rock while others rise and fall about you. But your life too undulates with many pleasures and pains and then only Christ seems to be a constant friend. And still even his mystery allows us to wander winding paths with him; climbing mountain tops and descending into gullies of despair. Like a beacon in the mists of unnavigable existence Jesus provides direction and lights our way home. And I wonder if, when friends find themselves buffeted by so many troubles, the friend who stands firm can also be a beacon to them?

Forgive my ramblings. Last night, at church and after, I saw both triumph and desperation in various faces. It is good to be connected to so many lives, and to be able to help where I am able.
Yesterday afternoon we had a leaders' meeting. One of the notable comments was the huge respect we had for all the team at White Stone, especially the household sisters, all of us are worn out from the work of friendship building/disciple making and living sacrificially to win hearts for Christ's Kingdom. We need to look after each other.