We must not wither - Jesus Army Life, Day 233

This weekend a disciple and I planted a couple of trees in the community house garden. One of the trees, a Victoria plum, had a rotten root and I'm waiting to see if it survives. Over the years I've seen a few folk come and go but I've also seen those who have grafted themselves into White Stone life. I hope this young man will be one of those; he is keen and willing, he's taking part in meetings and longing to gain more of the Spirit life. Hopefully we'll be working together and calling many others to be disciples for years to come.

Should they thrive the trees we planted could live longer than both of us. My own dream is that, as we continue to nurture Kingdom of Jesus life among us, through the fruit we produce the Christian church might also become deeply rooted in the UK once again and send out its shoots across the world.