Life! raw, serious and gutting - Jesus Army Life, Day 231

Last night all the household leaders gathered their disciples together for teaching and ministry. There were five of us in my room and it felt good to be together. There is something about male spirituality that is very raw and powerful. It is not refined, it is honest and unreserved. It's a blessing to get a load of guys together who are passionate about God and wanting to learn to put him first before anything else.

I spoke about learning to be spiritual men rather than fleshy, corrupt men. And I tried to be open about how God would break us in order to train us.

We worshipped and prayed for each other. "It felt serious" as one participant commented. It was a time of learning to be a shepherd for me.

It was also a time of saying goodbye to one of the disciples. He has to leave town for a while. That in itself was gutting.