Exploring Koinonia - Jesus Army Life, Day 236

Yesterday we were visited by Spirit Life, a church household in Oxford which is hoping to start a common purse between its members. The 'CP' (common purse) is the keystone of community life and causes a church to truly become involved in one another's lives - what is referred to in the bible as koinonia.

It was truly wonderful to be host to this marvelous bunch of people who are simply hankering after the work of Christ's Kingdom among them. They are very special and carry a deep well of blessing together.

They arrived for a leisurely lunch followed by a walk in the local woods together. In the evening we simply shared our spiritual life. There was quite a lot of prophecy about moving in God's fire.

Spirit Life are embarking on a rich adventure together. They already share two houses situated next door to each other on an estate. It is a journey many fear to take, but I am sure they will find wonderful treasures of the Kingdom on the way and bring God's blessing to numerous others.