Jesus Army Community, Day 34: Bling, blogs and being blonde

We had a chat at dinner yesterday about blogging. A sister has been thinking about starting one. I'll link to hers if she does...

By the way, please ignore the blonde remark, it has nothing to do with the fact that over half the people in that dinner conversation were blonde. It's just that we were discussing these things as if they were the latest fads and not everyone knew what bling was, or how to use the word, which can make you look a bit silly. Living in community does mean you don't always know what the latest trend is, but it's far more important to value people and simply 'love the ones you're with' anyway. (And if anyone recognises that reference then they really are behind the times!)

This does relate to an interesting topic regarding the media though. Something preached about on Sunday and has got me thinking a little. The sermon referred to how the press will tell you that one thing is good for you one day and the denounce it the next. Apparently, "the only thing you can believe in the paper is the date." Hmmmmmmm.

Being a media-brat I have a little more confidence in journalistic reporting than that, but what really got me thinking was the conclusion: that continuous faddism is a mockery upon our minds. I think the preacher has a point. There are more important things than the latest must have, yet we will believe and chase after it like there's no tomorrow! It's fascinatingly strange and I do find myself wondering why? These things can often hold more sway in our lives than we give them credit for. I think it's important to be a little more discerning and that's something I'm certainly going to try to practice in future days. Living in community doesn't exclude you from the tides of modern trend-making but hopefully it does help you keep things in perspective.

Speaking of trendy people (ahem) I did promise I'd mention another blonde, a lovely friend from up north who actually reads the stuff I put here, but that's all I'm going to say about that! The thought that people read what I write leaves me more than a little self conscious and makes me feel all, well... blonde.

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