Lazy days of Summer

I had a wonderful weekend. In my church Sunday can seem like the most tiring day of the week! I had come to look upon this as a mildly annoying irony. But this weekend has proved different. It's best to just list the catalogue of delights...
  • Friday evening: Meeting to plan forthcoming Multicultural group. Early night.

  • Saturday: Volunteering at the drop-in. Pleasant time, met a very likeable chap.
  • Lunch with house-family, including first visit of one brother's parents.
  • Delivering Streetpapers to houses in a local area with another brother.
  • Soundly thrashed in sporting exercise by a brother 20 years my senior.
  • Helpful evening meeting on the Holy Spirit.
  • First night sharing a room with new brother who is staying for a week.
  • Sunday: Walk to church with a brother I'm discipling.
  • Excellent morning meeting which really made me take a hard look at my self (first time that has happenend in ages)
  • Pleasant dinner.
  • Work in the garden including picking plums, arranging a grape vine and discovering tiny frogs in a tree stump.
  • Lazy late afternoon lying on the grass with several brothers.
  • Evening evangelism, fairly good, felt a need to be sharper in my spirit.
  • Interesting share with young friend who says he is giving up drugs.
  • Relaxed evening eating and chatting with various friends.

All's well... except this morning I remembered I was supposed to be at a volunteer's meeting on Sunday evening! Is that why I felt too relaxed? Every silver lining has a cloud.