New growth

What's the best thing that happened yesterday?

I guess it was a couple of friends popping round to see us in the evening... Facing another busy weekend I had determined to take Wednesday night easy so I could pace myself a little. So it was good for a brother to pop round whom I'm enjoying getting to know. He has made definite steps into faith in Jesus and I took the chance to go spiritual and ask him a lot of questions about how he is finding his new faith.

I found the conversation especially interesting because he did not become a Christian as a teenager or through a crisis as is often the case, but he has made clear simple steps as a middle-aged man. The most significant being that he realised that he "was dead spiritually."

The other friend came round later. A brother we had not seen for sometime. I've only actually spoken to once before, so I was a bit disgruntled that he was whisked off for a one-to-one chat with the brother who knew him best, but there will be other opportunities I'm sure.

To be honest I was glad that there were some adults in the house! Much of our life has been filled with teenagers recently so it was good to have a bit of balance.

Oh, before I forget I must mention the young lad who came evangelising with us last weekend. He'd come out with a flag to declare his faith. In all the hubbub of the Friday night town centre a man took the flag off him and thrashed him with it several times. His response was simple: "I forgive you."

I was impressed.

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