People you miss

A couple of sisters have taken several teenage girls away on a camping trip.

What a nightma... I mean, what an opportunity! Actually it should be very, very good. The trips have proved very succesful in the past as launchpads for younger sisters' spiritual lives. They discover God in a deeper way, and find confidence in themselves and bond in lasting and supportive friendships.

So, I'm excited for them.

I guess there's part of me that's already missing them as well... There's always something missing when a member of the community family is not here, more so when they are your friends. There's a very noticable silence. Not to say that the house is noiseless. Right now there are several guys in the kitchen laughing and chatting away. (Perhaps they've sensed the lower levels of estrogen in the house and have come to take over!) Whatever. I'm guess I should join them. I'll write more tomorrow.