Last night I was talking to a friend about temptation. No, unfortunately not the steamy kind of temptation... He'd been offered a good business opportunity in another country but it would have taken him right away from doing the work of the gospel. Despite the attraction of money, culture, women and self fulfilment, he knew it was wrong.

Nonetheless, when you're living in community and you think you've got the simple-life sorted it can be tempting to dream of that just a bit extra wouldn't hurt. Having just a few of the finer things, it wouldn't be like signing your soul to the devil would it...? The reality is however that there's always a cost, to take hold of life's pleasures will always mean a sacrifice in another way. And ultimately, either you've enlisted as a soldier in Jesus' army or you haven't.

Currently at White Stone, we're looking at embracing simplicity even more. As a church there are new ventures ahead and we need the funds to follow them through.

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