Needed Restoration - Jesus Army Life, Day 48

It's been an interesting weekend. There's been lots of good stuff and some heart rendering moments too.

The highlight of the weekend was when the group of teenagers we brought with us became drunk in the Holy Spirit. One of them was so filled with the life and love of God he couldn't stop laughing and was running around the event field. There was quite a lot of Holy Spirit stuff happening all over the place, and some of our guys are now considering baptism.

For me personally it was a chance to get back in touch with God again after feeling very disconnected for several days. For myself and many others Saturday and Sunday were times of repentance and restoration. I'd love to speak in detail about the weekend but I always miss so much through working on the video desk. There was a special focus on simple worship which touched a lot of people and caused many to reassess their standing before God. I think, as a church, the Jesus Army may have reached an important turning point.

Out of respect for others' privacy I won't write about the disappointments now; perhaps another time would be best. I feel we're facing a time of testing in the run up to the campaign (which starts tomorrow). It's especially important that there's some reconciliation between several members of White Stone. Our unity is our strength and it brings joy to God.