Jesus Army Life, Day 37: Sharing your life

Usually I write about yesterday's events but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. My brother (as in sibling brother) is coming for lunch with his wife and new daughter. I usually go to see them because it's more convenient but it's always very cool to share some of this alternative life with your actual family. They are Catholic Christians themselves, which is fine with me, as long as they keep pressing on into Jesus, but I think that community-living is still a bit alien to them. I guess it would always be difficult to understand why someone you love would throw their life away!

Last night was very good, at least from my view. We had a lot of teenagers around for our 'Friendship meal', more than usual, but we had several adult members with us as well. I actually got tied up in transporting the younger guys home so I don't know what else happened but the vibe was good for the whole evening. One thing which encouraged me was that we had talked about being considerate of others earlier in the evening and the guys really took it on board (well, most of them did!) The mystery of how words from your own mouth actually become actions done by others has always illuded me. I'm genuinely surprised if people do what you ask them because everyone has their own will and won't necessarily listen to you. I guess it's a compliment when they do.