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morepraxis - Blog Archive - Christi-Anarchy: "Christi-Anarchy / kristiaeneki/ n. a Christlike life; lifestyle characterised by the radical, non-violent, sacrificial compassion of Jesus Christ; a way of life distinguished by commitment to love and to justice; working from the bottom up to empower people, particularly the marginalised and disadvantaged, so as to enable them to realise their potential as men and women made in the image of God, through self-directed and other-oriented intentional community groups and organisations; from Christi - 'Christ' - and anarche - 'against the powers', as in 'the principalities and powers'.
(Christi-Anarchy, Dave Andrews, 1999) "

I liked this. I like to think that living the way I do is a protest against the world, it flies in the face of the norm and opens up opportunities to love and serve others.

I'm sure you could live this way outside community-life, but perhaps the best thing about this lifestyle is that I'm not in control, not totally. My life is submitted to others, and that's the way it should be. I live in a state of anarchy against my natural sense of pride and self-preservation. There's a popular Christian song: 'Lord, I am not my own...' and I'm not, if I want to live for Jesus I can't insist on having control over my life. I can only insist on laying it down for him.